Bring back Desi cows

As a first step of action, we plan to revive 8-10 gaushalas which are on the verge of closure in different geographical regions. These will serve as pilot projects. And in parallel we start our own Gaushala which will house 1000+ desi cows. These pilot projects will be our inputs in terms of resources and know how to go forward.

After setting up a Gaushala, another important thing to take care of is how to sustain it. Our plan is to have YLTP ( courses regularly in the nearby villages. These YLTP trained volunteers will make our ground force and drive things in various villages, setting up gaushalas, creating awareness, organic farming etc. 

Did you know that cows have such a big auric body that if you get to spend much time with a cow, she would know if you would be getting sick 6 months before, and start eating the right herbs so that her milk would cure you? Such a motherly nature right. Cows are so beautiful spirits, and we should be treating them with love and respect. In addition to it, the nutritional value of milk of Indian cows is the highest along with many many curative properties against many diseases. So we have decided to protect our Desi cows and bring back the Indigenous breeds in our country.

Plan of Action

1) Establishing the Sri Sri Gaushalas
    ‘Gau’ means cow, and ‘shala’ means shelter. Until recent times every village in India had a goshala. Even today every villager who can afford it, keeps at least one cow. Some have related the high suicide rates among Indian farmers to the fact that cows are no longer kept by them.

2) Connecting end to end and making sure that the cows are protected.
    Taking care of cows is rewarding and lots of fun! The indigenous cows are very affectionate, alert and friendly. They demand lots of love and attention, and love to be hugged and patted just like domestic pets! Gir cows will not give their milk until a close bond has been established with their caretaker.

3) Imbibing a sense of sacredness for the cows
    There is implicit truth in what the ancient Indian texts say: ‘If the cow is kept happy, the land is prosperous and the people are happy.’ It is a chain reaction. That’s ancient wisdom and The Art of Living is making this wisdom a reality.

4) Setting up the 11 pillars of Sri Sri Gaushalas

5) Team building in the field and strengthening the rural youth
    We will train the local youth so that they can take care of Gaushala by themselves and we also setup ecommerce platform so that the temple of knowledge will be self sustained by itself. Various personality development activities, Art of Living programs will be conducted around the Gaushala so that the youth and the villagers are more connected and take more responsibility.