Waking up to the spirituality, Enquiry of Self
Article by Sudarshan Reddy

Every living entity in the universe wakes up to sunrise every morning, continue to go with their livings, a thought provoking question arises how many things are involuntarily happening? unconsciously to the human and consciously to the nature, right from your biological clocks rings to wake you up, take you to obligations, you clean your body, your hungry is fed and you ready to get into work, when you work, come home evening after work and you fall sleep, these are the cycle of events in day to day life happening to every human in the universe but how many are so aware that there are a rise of unpleasant thoughts, sad moments, mood swings, anxiety, regret, disappointment, depression, unknown fears, jealousy, greedy, lust, anger. these comes like waves in the ocean rises and falls in no time, sometimes you hold on to it, nurture it, feed it and grow them for years until it turns against you to grab of your happiness, I call it is as “Enemy Within”. Nothing to go hard against it, It is natural tendency of any human being born on the planet earth. However, what makes you worrisome is unattending, unaware and unknowledgeable to “What is happening within you”. When this very enquiry dawns every day in you when you wake up to see Sun rises, a light from within starts shining through you.

Living by Your Cartoon Friend
Article by Sudarshan Reddy

Let us all widen our eyes, being static, just imagine living in this very right moment and visualize human phenomenon of this world, a typical father shouts at his kids talking about punctuality, a mother drops whole bowl of food being in the anxiety of something, a car driver is missed hit by hairline, a school kid sit mourning about his/her marks, a patient lay on the bed looks depressive, a Chief minister fumbles to deliver right words in his guest speech, a candidate tense standing outside in the queue of interview, so many and so forth, if you can oversee all of these, every event is happening in its own random fashion and all of these events are somewhere disconnected with actual nature of human. Knowing the connection behind the disconnection of all of these events can be intertwined with a tool called “Awareness”, I call it as “Your Cartoon Friend”. Awareness is an imaginary cartoon character of your self-being which always stands by you and lives by you. Awakening awareness in you is another important step towards spirituality growth, we, human are gifted with senses to enjoy the outer world, adding the awareness to these turn you towards inward journey then a bud of your outer life starts developing into beautiful flower.

Know Your Mind
Article by Sudarshan Reddy

Some countries are on this planet earth are fighting for survival, these could be attributed to lacking of food, malnutrition deficits, terrorism, these are physical, real and print media or mass media make us feel on daily basis. However, there is something not physical and yet controls human psyche? Due to this there are unpleasant events or bad moods controls your peace of life from day in to day out of each day. Somehow, we are ignorant or we do not care about it has been gradually diminishing the happiness quotient to zero level, which further turns into anxiety or depression. In today’s world, these are oppositions parties of each person’s democratic life without having ruling party. Understanding the rule of what, know what it is and train it for the freedom and peace of life is all everybody wants. I call it as a joyful service for yourself “Know Your Mind”, if each individual can know the mind, there is peace at home, peace at work, peace in the society then peace in the country and can extrapolate the same to the whole world. The other way around you are the “PEACE” and “HARMONY” for the country.

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