Inspired by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, founder of the world's biggest NGO "The Art of Living", we wanted to contribute towards preservation of indigenous breed Desi cows. To construct model Sri Sri GauShala where people can visit, stay, dine with the villagers and feel a connection with their roots. 

​A home away from home, back to the roots.To connect farmers across different villages and educate them regarding Organic Farming methods
Our Vision/Mission
Recent Activities
The main goal of SriDhenu project is to protect our Indian cow breed and make people aware of it's importance. 

Save the Desi Cows

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We want to bring all the like minded people together to achieve our goal. We are a team of inspired people who want to leave our planet earth as a better place for coming generations. If you want to join, just contact us.

Apart from field work, you can help us by providing donations by using the button above and spread the word around about our project and vision. We can discuss what we can do together.

We want to generate seed fund on a regular basis from each one of us before we full time kick start to renovate/build Sri Sri Gaushalas cum Temple of Knowledge in Indian Villages and serving Indian DESI cows.

In the coming years, we want to take care of 20,000 cows,  construct goshalas and involve youth in rural development activities. We have educated 400 people in Nepal about desi cow milk and reached 250 people in North east of India.